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What’s nano-electronics?

Recentry, we often see the word “nano”. For example, especially seen on cosmetic and beauty treatment tool. This word seems to be used in the situation “cutting edge” and “extremely small”. Nano represents the figure and 1 nano meter (nm) is 1 of one billion (1/1,000,000,000) of 1 meter.

Scientifically, DNA’s diameter is approximatery 2 nm, sillicon’s atomic size is 0.1 nm. So nano is the size of Atom or molecule.

Nanoelectronics is a technology which is related in electronic materials, devices and systems installed on extremely-size reducted integrated cuicuit up to nano meters. This is expected to support future industry and society as basic technology.


Laboratory’s aim

After launching our nano electronics laboratory in 2006, throughout the developing high quality materials based on nano-technology such a low resistance copper wire and graphene wire to reduce electric power consumption and improving power efficiency, we try to realize “low carbon society”(Green innovation).

Current research themes

Our laboratory’s research themes are shown below.

1. Forming high quality graphene, carrier doping, integration technology
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NEDO, Ultra-low voltage device project for realizing low carbon society).

2. Ultra thin barrier film for copper wire depositted by non-electrolyte plating and reliability evaluation.

3. Improving quality of plated copper film and reliability for wire’s electro-migration.

4. Thin film sensor using plated germanium (Grants in aid for scientific research).

Others:We will undertake technology development for improving power invertor’s energy efficency.
We use equipments to analyze nano strucuture as basis of research.

Analysis equipmments
1. XPS (X-ray Photoemission Spectroscope)
2. AFM (Atmic Force Microscope)
3. SEM (Scanning Electro Microscope)
4. XRD (X-Ray Diffraction)
5. Raman spectroscope

Also we advance reserch cooperating with companies and another university.





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