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As we have seen serious negative impacts on the global environment caused by human activities, such as frequent occurance of extreme weather events by global warming, it now becomes necessary to take steps to address the issue on a global basis.

In order to stop further global warming, we need to change traditional ways of life and to make every effort to build a low-carbon society. Nevertheless, the world-wide energy consumption will inevitably increase through wider penetration of modern conveniences such as IT or vehicles.

Given this situation, efficient use of energy is absolutely necessary and technological innovation is required.

For example, by developing inverters with power devices made of new materials such as SiC or GaN, it is expected to improve energy efficiency of the electric motor (e.g. motor-driven vehicles)and reduce carbon dioxide emmisions. Moreover, new materials such as graphene enable us to develop utra-low power IT equipment, and therefore to realize the high-efficiency sociey such as a Smart Grid.

We aim to contribute to green innovation through our research and development of materials and technical Basis (e.g. devices or systems) for Low Carbon Society and also to cultivate human resources who can take the innovation initiative.






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